Ka We Owe

A four-volume set of magical history in an arcane dialect


Location: Academy in Protport, Protport

Subject: A history of arcane magic in an ancient Nare culture

Language: Unknown


The Ka We Owe volumes were found twenty years ago by date of this entry, in a subterranean library forty-five miles northeast of Cham. The abandoned library was infested with aberrant and carnivorous monsters, most notably an eight-armed Gray Render, and the volumes were hidden in a secret room in the main foyer; it was only through remarkable feats of skill and cunning that the Northern adventuring group Song were able to best the beasts and find the ancient tomes. Since their discovery, the Ka We Owe have been interred in the Academy in Protport, where historians and spellcasters come to this day to learn more about the Nare magocracy and aid the ongoing effort to completely decipher the mysterious language they’re written in.

Ka We Owe

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