A ritual suicide sword, carried by honorable samurai and ninjitsu

weapon (melee)

Statistics: as PH short sword.


General Information: Wakisashis are more than a short-sword with an Eastern flavor. They are carried by samurai and ninjitsu, the fighter and rogue classes of the now defunct Nipon culture, for a specific purpose; to commit suicide with if necessary. The act of ritual suicide, known as “hara-kiri”, was appropriate if the owner acted dishonorably (samurai code) or failed in a mission (ninjitsu code).
Wakisashis are the calling card of an honorable or dedicated warrior from the East. They are often very well made and are often handed down from father to son, but must be destroyed if used to commit hara-kiri; another indicator of prestige is how old one’s wakisashi is, confirming that their ancestral line has stayed the course for many generations. The most sacred wakisashis are those made by famous swordsmiths, which have lasted for centuries and accompanied Nipon’s bravest warriors and assassins into battle hundreds of times.

Whenever possible, wakisashis are masterwork. As a rule, all of them have the family name carved on their blade, to identify whose honor/prowess is either intact or broken. Unlike the iconic katana, the wakisashi cannot be decorated, and is most often found with a plain black grip and no embossings.

To wield a fallen warrior’s wakisashi as a weapon is blasphemous.


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